Levee Park update

As you probably know, a two-mile stretch of the levee along Leake Avenue, between the Jefferson line and Audubon Park was rezoned to green space in 2007.

Dr. Sheldon Hersh of the Uptown Triangle Association tells us that the next step is about to begin, with the Regional Planning Commission (RPC) about to begin a feasibility study called the Riverbend Pedestrian Access/Transit Feasibility Project.

There is still time for citizen input.   At this time no planning meeting dates have been announced. Visit the RPC website here.   

To learn about the Levee Park, click here.   Links on that page show a vision and a map of the LeveePark

Here is a list of topics for the RPC planning meetings.  Send email to Sheldon Hersh at Smhersh@aol.com if you have additional suggestions. 

Park mission: Using our waterfront to

  • improve recreational opportunities for our area
  • connect Carrollton to the French Quarter – increasing neighborhood business, tourism, and property values.
  • increase tourism for New Orleans by creating a unique tourism attraction – a riverboat-streetcar loop – without cars, pollution, or infrastructure changes.


The Park – physical realties

  • Access
  • Signage
  • Benches
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Landscaping
  • Parking
  • Educational kiosks, monuments
  • Maintenance


Leake Avenue

  • Crossing Leake Avenue and railroad tracks
  • Traffic controls
  • Moving Leake Avenue
  • Magazine Street and Jefferson Parish entrance markers


Incorporating the Park into the neighborhood

  • Coordinate with CARI plan
  • Neighborhood zoning, height, amenities
  • Neighborhood walking tours


Oak Street

  • Promoting Oak Street and the Oak Street-Main Street Project
  • Walking tour down Oak Street


Regional river use

  • Connecting Carrollton to the French Quarter
  • Riverboat landing at the Riverbend, near St. Charles and Carrollton
  • Riverboat landing at Oak Street
  • Regional water taxis


Institutional relationships

  • Maritime traffic and uses
  • Corps of Engineers, levee raising project
  • New Orleans Public Belt Railroad


Park use

  • School use, bands, athletics
  • Recreation, walking, jogging, cycling, horseback riding, etc.
  • Status of the batture (riverside of the levee)
  • Neighborhood festivals


Dog Park


Transportation issues

  • Incorporating into regional transportation grid
  • Evacuation route
  • Bicycle path and regional bicycle tourism
  • Light rail


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