Tonight: Section 8 housing info meeting

Special Carrollton Neighborhood Action Meeting

Wed. Mar. 4, 2009, 6:30pm @ Stuart Hall School on Carrollton Avenue

Topic: Discussion w/HANO regarding Section 8 rules and regulation, particularly those that concern strategies for dealing with problem tenants.

I.  What is Section 8?

Who is eligible?

Who governs the program?

What are the rules and regulations for tenants and landlords?

Are private property owners participating in the program responsible for policing their own properties?  

What steps do we take when tenants are not following the rules and landlords are not enforcing the rules/regulations?


II.  Please explain the role of NOPD, HANO and the landlord in regards to each of the following levels of disturbance:

Noise, trash, traffic

Nonviolent illegal activity such as drug use or sale

Violent crime


III.  There is signage that identify HANO properties (housing projects and scatter sites)  

How do neighbors identify a Section 8 property?

How does HANO identify these properties in a community?


IV.  HANO Police Department

Should HANO police be involved in criminal activity at Section 8 properties?

How does HANO police track illegal activity at Section 8 properties?

What communication does NOPD and HANO police have regarding complaint calls and criminal incident reports at Section 8 properties? 


For those who cannot make this meeting, more info can be found at the below links.

Re terminations of HUD vouchers:

General HUD handbook for vouchers:


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