Sat 5/9/2009: Road rage incident on Jefferson Highway near Oschner

From AA:

The purpose of this alert is to make us more aware of the what’s happening around us, as well as to notice trends. Please remember to promptly call in suspicious activities to NOPD.


At approximately 1pm on Sat 5/9/2009, a resident of Uptown was on his way back to Orleans Parish via Jefferson Highway and was near Oschner Hospital when an ambulance approached. He pull over to the side, but two other cars did not, skirting ahead and nearly causing an accident. After the ambulance passed, the Uptown resident continued on and an interaction with one of the aggressive driver took place. The aggressive driver rolled down the tinted window of a Black Ford Expedition, license #LA OGW-409, and began to yell obscenities and racial slurs. As the argument escalated, this aggressive driver pointed a pistol at the Uptown resident.


The Uptown resident pulled away quickly and called 911. He stopped at Leonidas/Oak and waited for police to meet him, but said that after 45 minutes, no one came. (It is unclear whether the resident was waiting for NOPD or Jefferson Parish police.)


This incident will be reported to Jefferson Parish police, as well as the Louisiana State police. It points to a problem several residents of Carollton-Riverbend have experienced when calling 911 near the Jefferson/Orleans parish border.


I want to direct you to information emailed from the Orleans Parish 911 call center about this issue. It is below. I apologize for the length of this email, but felt it was important to include. 




From: Karl Fasold, System Manager for Orleans Parish Communication District

Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2009

(website is:


I’m the System Manager for Orleans Parish Communication District, the agency responsible for providing 911 services to Orleans Parish. 


The routing of cellular 911 calls is as much an art as a science; each cell sector on a particular tower must be assigned to a particular 911 center. These assignments are based upon the majority jurisdiction of the area covered by the cell tower, and inevitably results in misrouted 911 calls. To handle this eventuality, all 911 centers have the ability to instantly transfer 911 calls, including all 911 data, to the appropriate 911 center. Once the call is received at the appropriate center, it should be handled as any other 911 call.


In order to research the specific issues and determine why no one responded, I need the following information:


Date(s) and time(s) of the calls to 911.

Telephone number making the call. Cell carrier for the phone would be helpful as well.

Location the call(s) were made from.


Once we can research the calls, we’ll work with the cell carriers and determine if any tower homing changes are needed. We’ll examine our workflow and determine if any changes are appropriate, and discuss the matter with the JP 911 center.



Karl Fasold

System Manager

Orleans Parish Communication District



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