Student Volunteer Services


CRNA Neighbors,,
  I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that Green Light will be sending some of our Americorps volunteers out to canvass the Leonidas Tip the Block area in preparation for the ELCA youth conference in July.  They will be passing out information and signing people up for services. We are looking for some help in spreading the word about this to residents.  We find that people are more receptive to canvassers if they have some prior knowledge that they will coming. If you could please spread this information to your network of Leonidas contacts it would be greatly appreciated.  Jill, is there a way this could get posted on the CRNA website as well?
The dates they will be out and about are:

Thursday June 7 during the day (10am-4pm)

Questions can be directed to

Jessica Muller-Pearson
Tip the Block Coordinator 
Green Light New Orleans

Thanks for your help,
We change more than light bulbs!

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