Neighborhood Watch Training

Let’s WATCH out for one another in Carrollton

Neighborhood Watch training in Carrollton will begin this month and continue into July. There are four sessions that will be held at 6PM at Stuart Hall School, 2032 S. Carrollton Ave:

• Neighborhood watch works June 18
• Personal Safety June 25
• Burglary Prevention July 9
• Auto Theft Prevention July 16

The training requires a minimum of ten attendees at each meeting to qualify us as a “registered” Neighborhood Watch with NOPD. Please plan to attend as many of the sessions as possible.


The New Orleans Neighborhood Watch program is based on the premise that citizens endeavor to prevent and report crime is vital to the success of policing efforts in New Orleans. Specifically, by strengthening the lines of communication within neighborhoods and between the police and neighborhood residents, we can share crime prevention techniques and crime can be reported better. The New Orleans Neighborhood Watch Program does not encourage any personal intervention if a crime is witnessed, nor does it encourages vigilante activities of any kind.


1. Overviews of the New Orleans Neighborhood Watch Program

2. Meeting Guidelines Explained

3. Operation Identification Explained

4. How to Report a Crime to Police and Call for Service

5. Discussions of Area Crimes and Possible Solutions

If you have any questions please write ( OR call Jill Stephens at (504) 866-9994.


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