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Daylight shooting at Spruce & Dante

There was a shooting there yesterday late afternoon, near Jake’s.

Read about it here:


Ugly at Dante & Willow

Dante & Willow

Originally uploaded by nola-shiva.

This is the disgusting scene every morning at Dante and Willow where a convenience store has had these huge dumsters out front for months. In the afternoon and evening the street is full on men loitering with their booze.
What, if anything, could or should be done about this blight on the neighborhood? Any opinions?

Criminal activity data

If you are concerned about local area crime here is an interesting blog to visit: Citizen Crime Watch. Among other things, there are links to recent NONPACC reports for the 2nd District. (I don’t know what the acronym stands for.) The report includes a map and stats by zone and type of crime. I don’t know how good the stats are. Zone K pretty much covers the CRRA area.

There is one standout statistic: There were 32 drug arrests in Zone K in March. That’s one-third of all the drug arrests in all of the 2nd District! All but 4 of the other 22 zones had less than 6 drug arrests. The second highest was 10 in Zone J (between Napoleon & Louisiana and lake side of St. Charles).

Check out the link to Citizen Crime Watch under Blogroll on the right side of this page.