Daylight shooting at Spruce & Dante

There was a shooting there yesterday late afternoon, near Jake’s.

Read about it here:

Citizen participation plan for the city: Friday AM meeting

Who should come: Anyone interested in the development of a formal Citizen
Participation Plan for the City of New Orleans.
If you are new to this idea, please come at 8:30am for a briefing.

Ad Hoc Planning Districts Leadership Coalition
Citizen Participation Plan Committee
Friday, May 4, 2007, 9 – 10 am
Neighborhood Partnership Network Conference Room
Musicians Union Hall, 2401 Esplanade Avenue

You can do this and still go to Jazz Fest.

Thanks to Julianna Padgett for this information.


PRC’s Neighborhood Council digest

The Preservation Resource Center’s Neighborhood Council Digest is emailed to a select group as often as there is news to report about rebuilding, demolition, city council activities, state government activities and, of course, architectural preservation events. You can be part of that number by going to

Be warned: The digest comes out frequently and is often quite long. It can be exhausting. But it is a great way to keep informed.