Nix Library Update, 1 April 2022

From Michel Thompson (of NOPL) about repairs to the roof:

“All 3 quotes have been received and are in the review process.  

Next steps:

  1. We are waiting for a response from one vendor about their warranty. 
  2. Once answer is received, we will make the selection and process for PO assignment.
  3. We will notify the purchasing department immediately upon completion of entering item in system requesting special attention.
  4. When the PO is released, we will contact vendor immediately to secure a schedule for sharing.”

From Vincent Smith (Capital Projects Administration, City of NO):

“In addition to Michel’s update, the CPA contractor has completed his clean up of the building interior and received final sign-off from the State Fire Marshal and Safety and Permits for building occupancy. Remaining work includes exterior pressure washing of the building.”


SWB spewing diesel fuel

Diesel fuel has been sporadically spewed onto nearby cars, homes, property, especially on Spruce St. This is not new; it was first reported in 2012 or 2013. I myself reported it to SWB in a summary of surveys we did of residents affected by the SWB industrial noise; that summary was sent to the Mayor, the Council, SWB and Ghassan last year. I spoke to Ghassan and Mr Spooner about it in person during a tour of the Carrollton facility last fall and was told they’d look into it.

SWB agreed to help residents fill out insurance claim forms for damages, thanks to Ariane’s pursuit of this matter. Ariane has been in touch with David Hammer, who recently interviewed her and Mr Wilson, another neighbor. We look forward to that story on WWL. Many thanks to Ariane, Matt McBride, Melissa Lily, and Andreas Hoffman for their ongoing work on this and so many other problems with SWB.

Meanwhile, David Hammer reactivated the 2013 WWLTV story yesterday. It is here:

Filming: 4/1-4/6, Oak, Dante, Dublin, Carrollton

Dear Residents and Business Owners: 

SG Productions, LLC will be filming some scenes for a new feature film entitled “Heart of a Lion” (The George  Foreman biopic) in the 8100 & 8200 Blocks of Oak St. on Tuesday, April 5 between the hours of 4PM and 4AM.  We will be filming several exterior scenes along Oak St. 

We will have all of our basecamp and crew parking in private lots to help minimize some impact on the neighborhood.  We will need to post some streets for “No Parking” in order to keep our working trucks close as well as keep some  areas clear for picture. This is a period movie and the scenes we are filming will be taking place in much earlier  decades, so we need to keep a couple of blocks clear in each direction so we can make sure there are only “period  appropriate” vehicles in the shots.  

We will be requesting to post the following areas for “No Parking” beginning at 6:00AM on April 1st through  5:00PM on April 6th to keep clear for working trucks. This is EXCLUDING THE WEEKEND (5PM on Friday until  6AM on Monday): 

1200 Block of Dante Downtown Side) 

Lower ½ 1200 Block of Dublin (Both Sides) 

1200 Block of Carrollton (River Side) 

We are also asking for the following areas to be posted for “No Parking” from 12:01AM on Tuesday, April 5th,  until 5AM on Wednesday, April 6th, to keep the street for picture: 

8100 & 8200 Blocks of Oak St. (Both Sides) 

Upper ½ 1100 Block of Dublin St. (Both Sides) 

We are asking for some intermittent traffic control with the help of police officers, and pedestrian control, on  Tuesday, April 5th between 2PM and 4PM & from 6PM – 5AM for safety and to keep the background “period  appropriate at the following intersections: 

Oak St. @ Dante, Oak St. @ Dublin, Oak St. @ Carrollton, Dublin St. @ Zimple, Dublin St. @ Plum 

We will not make any loud noises or disturbances in the area. Signs will be taken down immediately after filming. Our  endeavor is to make this as pleasant an experience as possible for the neighborhood. The key to continuing New  Orleans’ role as a premiere filming destination is community involvement and support. We thank you so much for  your hospitality and patience. Do not hesitate to contact us any time. 


David Thornsberry Valerie Ryan 

Location Manager Assistant Location Manager 

(504) 339-1820