SWB spewing diesel fuel

Diesel fuel has been sporadically spewed onto nearby cars, homes, property, especially on Spruce St. This is not new; it was first reported in 2012 or 2013. I myself reported it to SWB in a summary of surveys we did of residents affected by the SWB industrial noise; that summary was sent to the Mayor, the Council, SWB and Ghassan last year. I spoke to Ghassan and Mr Spooner about it in person during a tour of the Carrollton facility last fall and was told they’d look into it.

SWB agreed to help residents fill out insurance claim forms for damages, thanks to Ariane’s pursuit of this matter. Ariane has been in touch with David Hammer, who recently interviewed her and Mr Wilson, another neighbor. We look forward to that story on WWL. Many thanks to Ariane, Matt McBride, Melissa Lily, and Andreas Hoffman for their ongoing work on this and so many other problems with SWB.

Meanwhile, David Hammer reactivated the 2013 WWLTV story yesterday. It is here:



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