Nix Library Update, 1 April 2022

From Michel Thompson (of NOPL) about repairs to the roof:

“All 3 quotes have been received and are in the review process.  

Next steps:

  1. We are waiting for a response from one vendor about their warranty. 
  2. Once answer is received, we will make the selection and process for PO assignment.
  3. We will notify the purchasing department immediately upon completion of entering item in system requesting special attention.
  4. When the PO is released, we will contact vendor immediately to secure a schedule for sharing.”

From Vincent Smith (Capital Projects Administration, City of NO):

“In addition to Michel’s update, the CPA contractor has completed his clean up of the building interior and received final sign-off from the State Fire Marshal and Safety and Permits for building occupancy. Remaining work includes exterior pressure washing of the building.”


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