Please Support Live Oak Cafe!

The Live Oak Cafe is hurting because of lost revenue and inventory during COVID-19 and the effects of Hurricane Ida. Let’s please support them, by eating there and/or donating to their gofundme.

Clare, the owner/cook, did a great deal to help during the pandemic, and after Hurricane Ida, when she cooked and distributed free food and let people charge their devices when her power came back on. She partnered with Chef’s Brigade to provide and deliver meals. She has done fundraisers for the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Butterfly Project, Black Lives Matter, and more. Clare encourages musicians, and pays a living wage to musicians and employees. She’s a good neighbor, and the neighborhood is better off for her and Live Oak’s being here.

Live Oak Cafe’s Gofundme:


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  1. Thanks Elaine for sharing this effort.

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