Update on Oil Spewing from SWB Turbine

For some time now, an oily substance has been spewing occasionally from one of the turbines at the SWB Carrollton Treatment plant. If affects nearby residents’ cars, property, etc., especially on Spruce Street. Thanks to CRNA’s Ariane, who finds this stuff on her house and car, LA Dept of Environmental Quality did a field inspection. SWB has agreed to provide car covers to affected residents. We’re still waiting to learn more about that. They also brought insurance reps to help residents fill out claim forms for damages.

SWB said, a month back, it would take up to 90 days to identify the substance, and there was nothing they could do to stop it. David Hammer did a story on this not long ago.

An update, from Matt:

“On April, 18, 2022, the state issued a notice of deficiency (NOD) to S&WB over their failure to clean up the turbine oil from turbine 5, in violation of state regulations. They obviously did not buy the S&WB argument that there was nothing their cleanup contractor OMI could do, as we saw they claimed in the April 1 letter Grace Birch sent.

There is additional detail in the NOD: the leak had been occurring for weeks. It also corrects the source turbine to T5 from the erroneous citation of T6 in the original field inspection form.

S&WB have to respond within 30 days with a description of what they did to clean up the mess. If their response is not satisfactory, they can be referred to the LDEQ Enforcement Division for issuance of orders or penalties.”  Link to the document: https://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view?doc=13227221


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